the greatest miracle We often tell people the greatest miracle is when people are born again and transferred from the power of darkness and into the kingdom of light. While we agree with this and we have seen this happen to thousands of people, here is one great miracle that we experienced in Pakistan.

miracle2We had been preaching in the city of Okara Pakistan. The entire time before our meeting we had felt oppression and resistance in the Spiritual realm. During the preaching a group tried to disrupt our service fighting in the crowd of about 6000 people. I kept preaching the Gospel anyway and soon the fighting stopped. When I gave an invitation to receive Christ as Lord and Savior for the first time almost all of the 6000 stood to their feet and confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord. When we prayed for the sick, we had many who volunteered to testify of their miracles. A blind man received his sight. Many people who were afflicted with fevers were healed. The Lady in the picture with the baby gave this testimony.

“When I awoke this morning, my baby had died during the night, there was no heartbeat and no breath. But I heard that Jesus could heal. I kept my baby with me all day and brought him to the meeting tonight. When I heard the message preached, my baby’s toes began to wiggle. When you prayed for the sick, my baby’s eyes opened. She then raised her baby to the crowd and said look what Jesus did for my Baby.

What Your Donation Can Do?

On our first trip to Pakistan we saw over ten thousand receive Christ. Afterwards when counting up our crusade expenses, we figured that it cost roughly $1 per soul reached with the Gospel. Can you imagine what a great investment opportunity this is…

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