8 Growth Principles PDF

We have created this pdf workbook to go with the 8 Growth Principles. YouTube videos found here. This pdf is designed to make the sermon series applicable for your church and your vision.

Growth Principles Workbook V1 - ELI Intl

8 Church Growth Principles PDF

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How can I be involved with Eternal Life International (ELI)?


We have prayer teams praying before, during and after each evangelistic crusade. Because of our prayer teams, we have survived car bombs, attempted car-jacking/kidnapping and having a price put on our capture by radical elements. In addition, I believe the great harvest that we are reaping is a result of our Faithful Friends and Partners who pray while we are on the front lines of evangelism.

Financial Support:

We will reach as many people as we have money to supply transportation. In Pakistan, we rented 80 to 90 buses every night as Pakistani villagers crowded the busses (See video) every night to hear the Gospel and receive their miracle. In Pakistan, we must rent an area that can be secured so people entering may be searched for weapons or explosives. We never require offerings at our crusades; our Gospel is preached at no cost to those attending.


Easter Sunday at Victory Church

3/7/21 - ABC's of Faith: What is Faith

12/27/20 - Victory Church Livestream

11/1/20 - Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

10/11/20 - David Adams - Jesus is the Answer