Newsletter 2021

During the Easter Week of 2021, I (David Ferris) spoke at the church that we partnered with in the Philippines and God poured out His Spirit on the service. There were twelve salvations and fifty received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

In one of the youth services, Ann preached about purity to approximately three hundred young people. She shared our marriage story how we lived a lifestyle of purity by God’s grace. Many youth were inspired and enabled to live a pure life.

In April of 2021, I shared a message of healing and God demonstrated His Word at the Eroreco Outreach. A man named Paul that attended the meeting had arthritis for three years. Doctors said that he could not work anymore. After prayer he was healed and started up his own business. The Lord gave him a double blessing!

I also traveled with our pastor in the Philippines in one of his outreaches up in the mountains of Sagay and prayed over a boy with hernia for six years. After prayer, he was healed instantly!

My wife, our son Luke, and I are currently in the Northwest and are enjoying our time with family and friends. We are planning to leave the country by the end of October and go back to our mission field in the Philippines to proclaim the Gospel of salvation!

God bless you abundantly,

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