IMG_0561 This is an interim report, please forward to those interested as we did not have all email addresses with us, I will send a more complete report on our return. These were pictures from the first night of the crusade, we expected 3000 to show up, almost 6000 attended the first night. Several thousand received Christ for the first time and many miracles, blind, deaf, were healed and tumors and goiters shrank and disappeared as we presented Jesus alive. We also preached at the University of Negros Oriental to over 1000 students who stood and recited a salvation prayer.


God is good, there is great joy in the city. The Mayor ( A Catholic) attended and said it was the first meeting of this kind he had ever been to. He donated trucks to bring the people from the moutainous regions so they could attend. Bless you all and thanks for all your prayers and support, this is fruit added to your Heavenly Account and God is a good accountant.

We are on our way to the tribal areas in Southern Mindanao in a few hours to meet with the tribal chieftains and pioneer pastors to prepare the way for future crusades in the Spring.

More photos can be found here