Howard: It was so good to work with you Gulhulngan city.  You did such a wonderful job of organizing the Pastors and the event and I believe God was well pleased with your and the Pastors efforts.  I hope we may work together again someday, Leslie and I are always looking for places that are unreached or only partially reached with the Gospel.

Shamgar Casipong: Glory to God in the highest!

We are so blessed to work with you in the ministry of reaching the unreached. Until now, the testimonies of the people who had been healed during the event is still fresh to our hearts.

Ever seen in my life and the previous ministries of the older ministers here Guihulngan, that was the first time that the attendance exceeds our expectations. It’s truly God is moving in our city.

I have now new Bible study in one who had been healed in the second night which was one of the leaders of Roman Catholic and organizer of the KAPATAN, a wing organization of New People’s Army. She was so glad that she met Jesus in her life and healed from nervous breakdown.

I also received feedback from other  pastors that many from their area ask when are you coming back?

Many are hungry of God’s love. We are praying that God will provide for next year’s another God’s touch in Guihulngan. As of now, we had few barangays which insurgency is on going. And only Jesus can change their lives. We are now starting planning to reach the 33 Barangays of Guihulngan with an approximate attendance of Fifteen Thousand in attendance when you come back. Is that ok for you?

Pastors in the mountain Barangays needs our financial assistance to thoroughly follow up the new converts. If we can assist them even Php. 500 per month for 3 months much better. There are at least 10 to 15 Pastors to be assisted in those mountain Barangays. Hopefully, we can consider this.

With regards to the energy project, I will pray also for you that God will give you wisdom in His time to share God given vision. Philippines right now needs power. In our region alone needs 1,650 MW of power and increasing due to new industries open. Our Solar Power projects are on the way to get a Service contract from the government.

When God opens the door for you, we will open a new company to develop and maintain Geothermal Power for sustainable resources for the ministry.

Say hello to Sis. Leslie

In Christ, Sammy