During our trip to Negros last November, we were asked to pray for a young lady who suddenly went into deep depression and a catatonic state. She would not speak or respond to us and was totally in capable of any communication or social interaction. At times she was physically harmful to herself and others threatening others with a knife. It reminds me of the Demoniac of Gadara recorded in the Gospel of Mark chapter 5. Our team prayed for her for what seemed a couple of hours. Some of the time Leslie just hugged her and told her how much God loved her. It seemed like there was no breakthrough however, remembering the words of Jesus who said “therefore those things you desire when you pray, believe you receive them”. We left that day in November of 2014 believing we did what the Lord wanted us to do and left the results to him. Fast forward to a week ago when our Interpreter, Pastor Fred Cal visited the region and the young woman came up to him, healed, delivered and in her right mind. She wanted to know when the nice American Woman that showed her so much love was coming back to the region. Here is a picture on the young lady, her name is Michelle.



Just a reminder that when you pray, believe you receive the answer whether you see instant results or not (Mark 11:24).

On March 8, Leslie, Uta (a longtime friend and Minister) and I ministered at a Chinese Church in Portland with Pastor Alpha Wong and his wife Anne. We prayed for their leaders to receive an impartation of the miracle working power of God to be used through their hands as they ministered to others. As prayer was made, the Lord healed three people instantly. A Medical Doctor brought his family, one daughter who was 90% deaf was able to hear better without the use of hearing aids after receiving ministry. The other daughter who suffered from an ankle injury was healed. It was a blessing to see how open to the moving of the Holy Spirit the people were. Uta and Leslie ministered to many with a word on Knowledge which encouraged the Leaders.

At this point, we are readying for our next mission trip to the islands of Mindanao and the Philippines. We will be working in Negros for a large Healing festival and in Mindanao where we hope to reach out to the tribal people in this area.

The Lord Bless You as always,

Howard & Leslie