Preaching to Capacity Crowd Pakistan, crusade for Christ

Howard preaching with interpreter Pastor Samuel


The picture above is during a crusade for Christ in Gujranwala Pakistan at a time when the country was under marshal law. We had prayed about whether to go at that time because under marshal law there can be no public meetings which are defined by the Government as four or more people. Pastor Glen Johnson and I discussed this and had a peace about going. A young lady in the church gave us a prophetic scripture out of Isaiah 45:1-4 and we keyed on the phrases that God would “open the double doors, so the gates would not be shut”, “he would make the crooked places straight” and give us “the treasures of darkness”.

The Islamic Nation of Pakistan was issuing no permits for public meetings. However, when we stepped off the plane onto Pakistani soil, the Islamic Government gave us a permit which they gave to no other group. The smallest crowds we had were 4000 and the largest over 20,000 people who came out even during Marshall law. Over 20,000 received Christ and many notable miracles as a result. God is so faithful to his word and I believe will open super natural doors as long as we take a step of faith to believe he will.

What Your Donation Can Do?

On our first trip to Pakistan we saw over ten thousand receive Christ. Afterwards when counting up our crusade expenses, we figured that it cost roughly $1 per soul reached with the Gospel. Can you imagine what a great investment opportunity this is…

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