How to release the power of Jesus, our mission.

My wife and I are currently training two young men to become ministers of the gospel. Since we live on the church campus many people come to receive prayer for healing, demonic activity as well as to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We demonstrate not only in words but in power on how to release the power of Jesus into peoples lives.

Recently, I went on a mission trip to Chitwan with AFCM director Dana Nile and we ministered to Pastors about the Holy Spirt and Faith. Forty people received the Holy Spirit when Rev. Dana gave an alter call. Almost everyone received the Holy Spirit with the evidence in speaking in tongues as we laid hands on them. We also gave them eight different books by Kenneth E. Hagin translated in Nepali to help them grow spiritually.

On a personal note, our son Matthew just turned one and we are believing God that Mahima will get her visa soon and we will be able to visit all of you! We are thankful for your friendship and prayers.

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