2019 Mission Trip

ELI Brings The Gospel To The Unreached Over 100,000 Saved!

Is it fair that people in our great country of the USA have many opportunities to hear the Gospel, while millions of people throughout the earth have never heard it once? Leslie and Howard Ferris founded Eternal Life International to spend the time we have remaining doing crusade evangelism to take the Gospel to those Nations and Regions that have never heard the Gospel one time.

Since 2005, ELI has taken the Gospel to places like Pakistan, India, and the Muslim Region of Mindanao spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, healing the sick and setting people free from demonic torments. ELI has spoken in militant Muslim army camps where hundreds receive Christ and healing for their bodies. We have preached in the Islamic Nation of Pakistan, India with crowds exceeding 25,000 and experienced the saving and miracles working power of God

What Your Donation Can Do?

On our first trip to Pakistan we saw over ten thousand receive Christ. Afterwards when counting up our crusade expenses, we figured that it cost roughly $1 per soul reached with the Gospel. Can you imagine what a great investment opportunity this is…


Upcoming Events Calendar

  • Miracle Healing Crusade In Northern Mindanao!

    Miracle Healing Crusade In Northern Mindanao!

    Missionary David and Ann Ferris will be preaching the Gospel in Mat-i Claveria, Mindanao working with Golden City Alliance Church.

    Date of an Event: August 9-10

How To Volunteer

Eternal Life International is a team of people sharing the vision that God wants every single person on the planet to hear the Gospel and be saved. You can support us financially. You can support us through prayer while our Evangelistic Teams are on the front lines of Spiritual Warfare when preaching in hostile regions.

ELI Evangelism Training

When we are not reaching out to the lost, we are also training others how to present the simple powerful gospel message with signs wonders and miracles. We have conducted leadership training in churches, bible schools and even taken groups with us to preach the Gospel throughout the earth. If your church or organization would like training in the how to demonstrate that Jesus is Alive through signs, wonders and miracles as the gospel is preached, please contact us.

Our Testimonials

Little girl was born deaf

This little girl with Leslie was born deaf and mute and before this in Gujranwala, Pakistan she had never spoken or heard a single word. When she heard the Gospel and received prayer, Jesus miraculously healed her and she spoke and heard for the first time. Her mother brought her daughter up on stage to testify to the crowd of over 20,000 Pakistanis that it was the first time in her life that her daughter called her Momma. (One of several thousand miracles that happened during those three days.)

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