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Muslim Women Healed of Tumor - Eternal Life International - Eternal Life International
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We were at a Muslim Village that had been recently flooded by a typhoon. We had brought rice, milk and other staples to provide for the people. With the Muslim Tribal Leaders permission we preached the Gospel to the entire village that had gathered at the only high ground not underwater from the flooding. All Muslim Villagers stood to receive Christ and pray a salvation prayer. The woman in the picture let out a scream while we prayed for healing. I asked Jun Apura my interpreter here to ask her what God had done for her. She said she had a tumor on her breast for eight years, but when we prayed it disappeared. We explained that Jesus who raised from the dead had removed her tumor. After we concluded our service we announced that we would be giving free food away to whoever has need. To our amazement, the Muslims swarmed us wanting prayer in the Name of Jesus more than they wanted food. God rewarded their faith by healing, deaf, blind, mute and all manner of sickness and disease among these people.

What Your Donation Can Do?

On our first trip to Pakistan we saw over ten thousand receive Christ. Afterwards when counting up our crusade expenses, we figured that it cost roughly $1 per soul reached with the Gospel. Can you imagine what a great investment opportunity this is…

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